The Sleepit pillow is the result of many years of research and development.

In order to limit back and neck tension, the thickness and firmness of this pillow have been studied and improved in order to respect the natural curve of the spine.

The dimensions have been thought out and worked out to respect the shape of your neck and allow a perfect alignment of the spine. No matter in which position you sleep.

Airflow system

We provide sleep solutions to meet all your needs. 

We have developed pillows that perfectly fit the shape of your head and neck. They also adapt to and follow your every movement during the night and move with you when you change position. They support your neck throughout the night. This greatly reduces the risk of waking up in pain. 

How ? 

SleepIt pillows react to body temperature and will form a real mould around your body. They will adapt to all your movements during your sleep and will instantly find their initial shape when you get up. 

The technology 

The pillows have 2000 perforations for better air circulation and thus temperature regulation.


The pillow is made of springs that guarantee a complete adaptation to the shape of your neck and head. 

The springs have been designed, shaped and manufactured especially for this pillow. They are made of harmonic phosphate steel.

This is an innovative and unique technology in the world! 

The springs and the individual bags in which they are contained are manufactured in our factory.


Italy is known and recognized worldwide for its know-how, which has been established thanks to the quality of its manufacture and its capacity to innovate.

SleepIt pillows can praise a long and meticulous research. Research carried out by the best Italian hands on the market. 

For SleepIt, it is important to offer its customers a high quality product that considerably improves the quality of their sleep. 

It is therefore quite natural that the materials were carefully chosen and then tested to obtain an innovative pillow, with absolute comfort and above all at the cutting edge of what ergonomics can be.

Hypoallergenic & anti-mite

Anti-mite pillow. 

Technology associated with a treatment to limit bacterial proliferation. This makes SleepIt pillows ideal for asthmatics, allergy sufferers. And even those with breathing problems.


Choosing a SleepIt pillow is a way to ensure that your sleep quality is restored. But it is also a way to support and value the Italian know-how. 

Today it has become essential to turn to quality products, which only artisanal companies can produce. 

At SleepIt we celebrate the hands that think, create and achieve with mastery.