We say goodbye...

... to cervical pain

I wake up without pain.

The only ergonomic pillow...

...with 5 stars since 2019.

I regain good sleep.

Your new sleep companion: The Sleepit ergonomic pillow

Have you ever wondered how to significantly improve your sleep quality?
The Sleepit Ergonomic Pillow is here to transform your nights. Certified and tested according to strict ergonomic principles, it is the only pillow in the world recognized at this level of ergonomic excellence. Experience restorative sleep through a human-centered, scientifically validated design.

Adapted to your life
The recommended positions for restorative sleep are within your reach. Whether you sleep on your back or side, the Sleepit Pillow supports your neck and aligns your spine effortlessly. Forget sleeping on your stomach, a source of pain: choose optimal support.

Innovation and nighttime comfort
Imagine a night where your head rests so lightly that each waking moment becomes gentler. With Sleepit, say goodbye to friction and pressure on the neck. This innovative ergonomic pillow reduces cervical pain, headaches, and night awakenings, contributing to better overall health with its anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects.

For lasting well-being
Sleeping with Sleepit means choosing to awaken well-being. It's not just about sleeping, but sleeping well, awakening serenity, joy, and emotional balance every day.

Check our studies for more information on our technology and design.

53 years

devoted to the study of physical and physiological sleep.

636 months

of research and development.

19,350 days

dedicated to the good sleep passion.

Blue/Pink outlines

The pillow comes with 2 pillowcases (one pink and one blue).

Choose a pink or blue finish according to your preferences and desires.