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Being able to wake up without pain and being able to do what we want with our arms, neck, head, spinal column, that's a luxury. I was going to say something, it can be interesting. But how he emphasizes the thing

Hi, It's Yanis, a training, physical, military and sports instructor. And today, we're going to talk about sleep.

For you, what is the role of sleep?

The role of sleep is crucial. I would say that it makes up seventy percent of success. After a certain number of years of experience, I understood that sleep should not be too long but more qualitative than anything else.

Tell us about your visit to the workshop.

It was great. It was an enriching experience and it also allows me to see the authenticity of the product. From workshop to workshop, so step by step. They explained to me how the pillow is manufactured, the precision of their gestures. So there is a step to create the texture of the pillow and another step to sew. Each step is very precise. It is this pillow that allows us to correct our sleep and especially to erase certain misconceptions.

Tell us about your first night with Sleepit.

The first night went really well, but it still gave me a cold shower compared to what I had as an idea Before. I set aside my comfortable square pillow to my sense and I went from League 2 to League 1 or the League 1 and the Champion's League And now I can't do without it.

And now, how are your nights with Sleepit?

The fact of saying OK tonight, I know I'm going to sleep well, even if I come home late, I'm going to sleep well because the quality of sleep will be there. There may be, not the number of hours, but there will be the quality of sleep, that's the most important and I'm sure with the pillow, I'm going to sleep well. Psychologically, it plays on a personalized programming and it also plays on sports performance

Is there a before / after?

If we sleep badly once, we need to immediately question ourselves or correct our posture, listen to our body. Maybe change the pillow. The fact of sleeping well will allow us to improve our health capital, will allow us to correct our state of mind. It will allow us to think positively because we have a restorative sleep, and that will generate other qualities and other advantages still on our body and on our organism, and I think we should try it.




Sleep deprivation is something I wouldn't wish on anyone, not even my worst enemy. It's a reality, however, and one that I currently experience.


Hi there, I'm Joya and today we're talking about sleep.


What kind of sleeper are you?

We have young children and the nights are short, so we forget what it's like to get a good night's sleep. I had to see a chiropractor every month due to cervical problems, so it was important for me to make the most of the sleep I got, through a good mattress and pillows.

Tell us about your visit to the Atelier.

Going directly to the Atelier in Italy was amazing because we got to see the people who have been working with their hands for over twenty years in a very familial setting, with people who love their jobs. Seeing how the pillows were made was incredible, with the liquid and the machines, seeing the foam come out and the little holes being made step by step. I won't give away all the secrets though.

How was your first night with Sleepit?

To be honest, the first night I didn't feel comfortable. Why? Because my body was used to sleeping in a bad position. It's hard to change your sleep habits after 33 years. It took me a good week to get used to the pillow and feel comfortable with it. It's important to keep in mind that often things are promised to us as miracles, but it takes some time to adjust, which is normal because you're trying to get your body used to something it's not familiar with.

How are your nights now?

Now, my nights are much more restful and I feel much more refreshed in the morning. I don't wake up with any pain or headaches anymore. My limited sleep time is now truly restful, and I recommend it to my entire family and friends. Some of my friends have already bought it.

The pillow in two words?

Comfort. Happiness. You can imagine trying to find a comfortable position by hitting the pillow in different directions, but with Sleepit, you find comfort in the chaos.