Balence Ergonomy Sleep

Organic cotton pillowcase

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Sets: 2 pillowcases
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Our pillowcase sets, made from 100% organic cotton are made in our Atelier in Italy. They promise unmatched softness and comfort for a rejuvenating sleep experience. Each set features hypoallergenic properties and is machine washable at 40 degrees for your convenience.

Feel the Difference with Every Touch Experience the incredibly soft touch of our pillowcases, designed to pamper your skin and enhance your sleep quality night after night.

Eco-Friendly and Safe We are committed to your health and the environment. Our pillowcases carry the Standard 100 Oeko-Tex certification, ensuring they are free from harmful substances and chemicals. 

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Test the ergonomic pillow for 30 days.


Artisan involved

Each pillowcase requires the skilled hands of eight artisans, underscoring our commitment to handcrafted quality and attention to detail in every piece we create.


Standard Oeko-Tex

Our pillowcases meet the high standards of the 100 Oeko-Tex certification, ensuring they are free from harmful chemicals and safe for your family and the environment.


Made in Italy

Proudly produced in Italy, our pillowcases exemplify the renowned Italian craftsmanship, offering unparalleled quality and durability.